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25 / 03 / 19

Three reasons to refresh your fencing this spring

There's no doubt that with the coming of spring, that our minds tend to look to the future and the year ahead.

Whether you're preparing for the BBQ season, or are looking to refresh an often forgotten element of your home, there are a great many reasons why you should think about refreshing your fencing this spring.

It keeps your home looking trim and proper

In our opinion, there's nothing worse than a beautiful and well-kept garden that is surrounded by an old and rotting fence.

Whether you need to merely add some new paint, or a new layer of protection, letting your garden or property down around the edges can be an eyesore in the summer months, and ignoring it can lead to the quick deterioration of any good quality fence.

What's more, if you live in a particularly windy area (of which many people in Barnsley do), by protecting and refreshing your fence in the warmth of summer, you are also protecting it for when the winter winds come knocking later in the year.

Refreshing your fence can add a soothing element of change

It goes without saying that every once in a while, we all fancy a little change here or there, and by installing a new fence completely, you can do so quickly and easily with little to no stress.

When people come to us for new fencing, after a quick consultation with one of our garden professionals, the process of installing a high-quality fence can take as little as one to two days, depending on the size of the garden.

We often find that spring is indeed the best time to have a garden fence installed, as the change can quickly set the garden up for the rest of the year and allow the homeowner to make other, more laborious changes within the garden to prepare it for the busy summer season.

You can experiment with new fence climbing plants

Again, going along with the idea of having a totally new fence installed, if you opt for a taller fence, such as one of our Double Sided Gap fences, or our Vertilap fences, you can invest in plants that can crawl and climb your fence.

With the simple installation of a trellis or some plant supports, you can plant a range of beautiful plants ahead of summer that can crawl and explore your fences, including: Californian Lilacs, Carolina Valentas, Virginia Creepers, Chocolate Vines, Pyracanthas

Of course, when you're considering which plants to buy for your fence, it's important to think about which direction they will be facing, as well as the kind of soil that you will plant them in.

Check out this article by the Royal Horticultural Society for which plants might be the best ones for your garden and fence.

If you want to know more about how we can help freshen up your garden this spring, or you want to know more about the different kinds of fencing that we offer, call us on 01226 740 369, or check out our contact page.

Reasons to refresh your fencing this spring from S Beech Timbers

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