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Contemporary panel range

Our contemporary fence panels are made at approximately 600mm & 900m High. As an example, a 1200mm high panel will consist of two 600mm panels. A 1500mm high panel will consist of one 900mm panel and one 600mm panel. A 1800mm high panel will consist of two 900mm panels.

We will cap the top panel for extra protection but the bottom panel will be left cap free to allow the joining panel to look continuous on the design.

Here's what a contemporary panel looks like...

Contemporary in Barnsley

Fitting of the contemporary panel range

The contemporary panel range is designed to fit on the front face of a timber post to allow a continuous effect on a run of fencing.

The single sided contemporary and the solid contemporary panel will fit into a concrete post but any double sided Contemporary panel wont. We will sell the lats separate if you want to add to the back of the panel yourself, but please note these will need cutting by yourself to fit.

Did you know that...

We Offer a Professional Fitting Service

As well as providing quality timber and fencing products, we also offer an experienced fitting team to carry out the project.

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