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02 / 01 / 19

Three ways to add value to your garden

There’s nothing like home improvements to help sell your home, but one area that many people overlook is landscaping.

Believe it or not, a tidy and prim garden can not only help your home sell quicker, but it can also add a considerable amount of value to the property.

In fact, a well-maintained garden can add up to 20% to the overall value of your home. With this impressive fact to mind, here are our top tips for adding value to your garden.

Add a key selling point

Aside from maintaining your garden to ensure that someone is not put off your property, it’s also important to add a central focal point to help entice them to buy it.

Having worked with property owners throughout Barnsley and South Yorkshire, we know that a key selling point in a garden can add an extra layer of attraction to a home.

When this is the case, we will often help them in the design and construction of beautiful decking, or a brand-new patio.

Otherwise, a summer house, or a "man cave" can often be enough to entice someone into buying a property.

For those with a large garden, it’s also worth considering something for children, who are often drawn to tree houses or fun areas to play.

Keep the fence trim and proper

For those whose fence might be a little older than just a couple of years, a little paint can go a long way into helping it look a little newer.

This is also a great option if you happen to be on a budget, as adding value to your garden doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

By painting your fences, shed, or any other wooden fixture in your garden, you can help it look more attractive to a potential buyer and could help entice them into paying just a little more for what’s on offer.

If you’re looking to replace your fence altogether, and your home is overlooked by other properties, you can help add a sense of privacy to your home by installing larger fences.

We have a range of cheap quality fences that can help add that extra element of privacy to any garden.

Focus on the obvious and add a little colour

If you’re on a strict budget, we advise working on the obvious areas and the places in your garden where a potential buyer is most likely to look and investigate.

We know that first impressions count with people, but when tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds are at stake, getting it right is crucial.

One way of doing this is by adding a little colour in and around the garden. Seasonal plants and flower pots are a wonderful way to spruce up your garden, especially if you’re selling during the summer months.

Remember however, that not all colours and additions are great, as garden gnomes could knock as much as £29,000 off the value of your home.

If you want the best advice on sprucing up your garden ready for a sale, call us on 01226 358 559.

Fencing can add value to your garden

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