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07 / 05 / 19

Why you should add decking to your garden in 2019

Now more than ever, we're seeing garden decking become a common and enjoyable part of the summer lifestyle.

Whereas conservatories dominated the 1980s and 1990s, we're seeing homeowners take to the great outdoors in their very own gardens as an alternative to building another room on the outside of their properties.

But what are the benefits of having decking installed in your garden?

Garden decking is visually pleasing and is designed to suit your specific needs

As you're probably aware, wood is natural and attractive and offers a wonderful and authentic aesthetic to any garden.

At S Beech Timbers, we offer a great range of materials and all our designs are bespoke to your personal needs, which means that you get the perfect decking for your garden; ensuring that it fits the existing design and layout.

If looked after, garden decking can be incredibly durable

We use only the highest quality materials when installing our garden decking, which means that with the right amounts of care and attention, your decking can last decades.

Including the use of pressure treated boards, we know how to design and install decking that lasts, which means that when you order decking with S Beech Timbers, you'll know that you'll have decking that is built to stand the test of time.

Decking is always low maintenance

Speaking of looking after your decking, doing so can be incredibly easy and worthwhile.

With regular sweeping and mopping of the decking, you'll only need to apply extra protection and oils once every couple of years.

If you want to take extra care of your decking, at S Beech Timbers, we often advise a lick of polish around spring time that contains a UV inhibitor.

This will protect your decking from harmful UV rays and can inhibit the growth of both mould and bacteria; two factors that can lead to the eventual deterioration of the structure.

Decking can resolve awkward garden landscapes

Although we'd all prefer a garden with minimal design issues, the truth is that Barnsley is a place with many hills and valleys, which means that not every garden can be perfectly flat.

In fact, many people that want decking installed in their garden have it to help cover up awkward garden slopes, as decking is extremely versatile and can help cover up awkward topography.

Garden decking adds value to your home

Whether you're looking to sell your home or not, it's always nice to know that something that you are installing can raise the value of your property.

For those who live in the centre of Barnsley, or in another large borough or village, decking can be especially appealing to homeowners, as it offers a haven away from the noise and pace of the outside world.

If your home happens to be one designed for a family, decking that offers enough seating for up to six people is also considered a bonus for the summer periods, when people embrace the opportunity to eat outside and relax with loved ones.

If you want to know more about how we can help you with your garden decking, check out our contact page and get in touch.

Why you should add decking to your garden in 2019

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